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ExMOD ESD Event Detector is Ready

by: Elizabeth Nelson

For the past three years, we have been reporting the advancing development of a new static event detector called ExMOD (Magneto-Optical Static Event Detector). This device allows ESD events to be detected as an integrated circuit or device would see them. It may be used right on the IC itself.

Today, the device is ready for distribution. This opens the door to a level of ESD detection unknown in the past.

It has been used by some leading companies such as Qualcomm

According to Jam Hamlin (Staff Engineer in at Qualcomm Inc. in San Diego), before this product, an "ESD researcher could measure the surface resistance of a table top or measure the electrical field strength of an insulative electrical test fixture [but] now with ExMODs, we can actually measure and record the discharge events that our ESD sensitive devices and components are subjected to."


You may visit the ExMOD web site at



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