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Video of Army's New Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon
Video Clip 4.3 Meg File


Since we published the video, we have had several comments from readers:

Incredible video. It's a shame this weapon is being sold to anyone in the world. Just a couple of corrections... the missile's range is 2500 meters and the weight of the missile is 26.1 lbs. Amazing.
See the maker's (Raytheon) info site below


---You wrote:
"The missile weighs only 50 pounds, and uses a kinetic energy penetrator like
a saboted tank gun round, instead of a shaped charge like a TOW missile."
--- end of quoted material
The previous statement is incorrect.
The Javelin anti-tank guided missile [ATGM]does not use KE technology such
as the sabot AT round used by the Abrahms tank. Instead, it uses two,
downward-firing shaped charges, very much like the TOW ATGM. The key
difference being that it targets the thin armor on the top of a tank's
turret versus the thick, sloped armor on the sides. This is quite apparent
from the second image on the left side of your webpage [javelin4.jpg] as you
can see the initiation of the explosion directly on top of the turret.

Here is Raytheon's website on the Javelin if, for some odd reason you do not
believe me, with a couple of other reliable sites to back it up.


That was a Great video. I hope we use those missles in Afghanistan.
Check out my videos...


I'm sitting here in Sweden watching a video clip of this javelin projectile.
In the clip one can here the distant boom at exactley the same time as the
visual explosion. The time it would take the sound to travel 4000 m, the
speed of sound beeing about 340 m/s, would be aproximatley 12 s.
What could be the reason of this?


That weapon looks fantastically powerful. On my system, using Quicktime, at
the 24th second or frame, there appears on the target tank two tongues of
blue flame, seemingly before the missile impact. Any idea what that is?
Thanks for your time.

Reported on the Firing line: "This link is for video of a live firing of the Army's Javelin anti-tank missile against a 45 ton Russian T-72 tank at a range of 4000 meters. The missile weighs only 50 pounds, and uses a kinetic energy penetrator like a saboted tank gun round, instead of a shaped charge like a TOW missile. The results from such a small, portable missile. have to be seen to be believed. It seems that heavy tanks are now just about as vulnerable as light armor. " "Ought One"

We hope they have good ESD Controls in place. I would hate to have this missile seek the wrong target.

The video link is large so be patient when you click on it.



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