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Shock in the Shower

Intercept Solves Problems with cd's- Keith Donaldson's response to article on cd's and dongles

Problems with CDs and Dongles- could static be the culprit?

Amazing Story of how a Ring created job stress for one Administrative Assistant

Static Shock in Call Centers! - Personnel report painful shocks to their heads while wearing headsets. The causes may shock you.

Car Mechanics Discover ESD

Can Cell Phones cause a Risk at Gas Pumps?

Doctor Files Lawsuit Against Cellular Manufacturer - $800 Millionsuit names Motorola and Verizon Communications

Did Static cause the crash of TWA 800 or was it a fuel bomb?

Is Thai Airway Explosion Linked to ESD?- NTSB links explosion to center fuel tank; similar to explosion of TWA Flight 800

12-year old NC girl burned at gas pump due to ESD

True Account of Close Call with ESD at a Gas Pump

Static Electricity and Gas Pump Fires

Static Electricity and Effects on Health

New System Keeps Static Buildup Under Control - operating a press is at times likened to sticking your hand in the mouth of a growling dog.

Health Effects Of Ionizers - Are you positive or negative?

Getting Grounded: - The art (or is it a science?) of grounding personnel at ESD safe workstations is much more developed than even I realized . . .

#1 Killers Have a Lot in Common - strong similarities between ESD and coronary artery disease


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