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Lightning Archives

Wind and Lightning Push Wildfires Across Montana

Winthrop man struck by lightning

Lightning strikes Hopewell, New Jersey man while driving

SeaWorld lightning strike injures 8 people at water park in Orlando, Florida

Boater hospitalized after lightning strike in Indian River Lagoon

Lightning-sparked fire on Antelope Island contained

Tourist dead after canyon lightning strike

Church Fire Caused by Lightning

Three Workers Struck by Lightning at South Carolina Plant Nursery

Do Cell Phones Attract Lightning?- Word Document 42KB

Colorado Motorcyclist Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

Florida Teenager, Woman Struck by Lightning

Georgia Lawn Care Worker Struck by Lightning

Explore Benjamin Franklin - (PBS) Explore some of Ben Franklin's electrifying discoveries and test you knowledge of electricity. You might be shocked!

Porcupine Helps with Static on Antennae

Franklin's Unholy Rod

Did Lightning Kill Millie, the First Cloned Jersey Cow?

15-Year-Old Football Player Killed by Lightning

Postal Worker Struck by Lightning

Two Men Killed by Lightning Strike in Fort Myers, Florida

Two Boys Playing in Surf Injured by Lightning

Kentucky Teenager Killed by Lightning While Horseback Riding

Scout Troop Hit by Lightning, Two Killed

Update on Swimmers Struck by Lightning

Four Swimmers Injured by Lightning

Man Struck by Lightning While Watching Youth Baseball Game

Lightning Injures 21 Soldiers

Dozens Injured When Lightning Strikes at Family Reunion

Lightning Strikes 7-Year-Old Girl's Mattress

Ohio Construction Worker Struck by Lightning

Lightning Strike Injures Visitors to Yellowstone National Park

Iowa Teen Hit by Lightning While Working on Computer

Florida Teen Helping to Repair Hurricane Damaged Roof Struck by Lightning

Lightning Bolt Strikes 19 Golfers

Florida Students Struck by Lightning

South Carolina Boy Shocked by Birthday Gift

Georgia Man Dies from Lightning Strike

Arkansas Teen Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Connecticut House Twice in One Day

British Teen Killed by Lightning

Utah Campers Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Car on Utah Highway

Grand Teton Climber Killed by Lightning Strike

Lightning Kills Girl at Soccer Game

Lightning Strikes Woman's Tongue Stud

Giraffe Killed by Lightning

Lightning Strikes Florida Construction Workers

Actor Struck by Lightning

Colorado Teen Struck by Lightning

North Carolina Strike Survivor Counsels Peers

Ten People Struck by Lightning in Florida

Four Killed in Electrical Storms

Three Strikes and You're Safe! - Linda Cooper, a 3 time lightning strike survivor, believes education is the key to safety

Latest Lightning Victims

Laser Beam Triggers Lightning Strike During Japanese Experiment

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