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Wearable Warnings! -Clothing that bites back. Creating wearable technology and augmented sensations that serve as a visual and actual warning to others, not to stray too close.

It's Alive! ---Neurons on a Chip

Air Gap Shielding Works

Wireless Wrist Strap Evaluation Returns - questions by readers indicate this article needs reprinting

Revised - Flow Electrification and Cavity QED (Response to the TWA Article)

Is The ESD Industry Finished?

An Eye-Opener on Static: It Can Be Controlled on Rewinders-By Mark Blitshteyn and Michael Anderson

Irradiating the Mail, Is It Safe?- not for electronics

Handheld Measurements for ESD STM 97.2 - using the Monroe 287 meter to make personnel voltage measurements

Milliken's New Volta Solves Furniture Maker's ESD Problems

How's Your Business?

Pre-sorting mail in a Glove Box - smart idea!

Ring may Reduce Painful Shocks?- and fatigue too?

Irradiating the mail, Is It Safe?- not for electronics

Active Denial Technology- New susceptibility issues for electronics??? Microwaving the enemy!

ESD Problems with Eeyore?

Critters on a Chip

Army Video of New Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon

Static Detector measures Real Time ESD Events

Static Can be Controlled on Rewinders

New Static Brush Eliminates Shocking from Your Car (Updated 02/07/03)

Brady's Printer - the Ability To Do High-Resolution Printing on Static Dissipative Labels

ElectroStatics, Inc. - Announces the new Model It-7100

Imtec - Announces their Electronic Component Identification Labels

Monroe Electronics - Announces Several New Products at the 20th EOS/ESD Symposium

Static Solutions, Inc. - introduced several new products at the 20th Symposium, including the FM-1600

Global Kitting Systems - has developed a line of static safe kitting systems called Partfolio

Pacur - has designed a Permanently Dissipative Pacurtm 6763-Copolyester Sheet

International Paper - introduces the Nevamar Static Dissipative Laminatestm at the 20th EOS/ESD Symposium

Klockner Pentaplast - announces the Pentastattm Static Control Film For Thermoformed Packages at the Symposium

ALX Technical Ltd. - displays their new product, the ESD (electro-static dissipaive) paper in their booth at the symposium.

Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc. - announces the availability of their new QLMtm.

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