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New Cradles Will Be Offered To Fix
Synchronizing Glitch


Palm Inc., working to counter customer complaints, will begin contacting clients earlier this week and offering new cradles to clients for some of its hand-held organizers. The Santa Clara, California hand-held device maker said that starting March 18 or 19, it will offer cradles to clients who have been having trouble synchronizing their m500 and m505 devices with their personal computers. Some models of the m500 have been plagued with synchronizing problems because of electrostatic discharges. The new cradles have additional buffering against electrostatic discharge, thereby preventing the synchronizing problem said Marlene Somsak, a Palm spokeswoman.

During the past few months, Palm has been grappling with multiple complaints about the synchronizing problem. While the company has offered replacements for the devices and cradles, many customers didn't try out the new cradles and assumed the devices continued to be defective, Ms. Somsak said.

For more information please contact:

Marlene Somsak
Telephone: 408-878-2592


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