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Fowler Associates Labs



Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News

Using the Monroe Model 287 to perform
ESD STM 97.2
and AATCC 134
Personnel Voltage Measurements

by Steve Fowler
Fowler Associates

Recently Fowler Associates acquired a Monroe 287 "Ionizer Performance Analyzer." We knew this device would allow us to check the output and decay times for ionizers in our testing and consulting work. We did not fully understand how this handheld device would help us perform personnel voltage measurements for flooring and footwear tests and audits. Now we do. It works great.

Having this handheld "Charge Plate Monitor" has allowed us to perform laboratory grade tests anywhere including in the field. We do not have to set up a recorder or lug heavy instruments on the plane. (if you could today anyway.)

The 287 will store up to ten (10) tests and report the average voltages. This feature makes the reporting a snap and takes out much of the extrapolation errors of reading a chart. The tests are performed as follows:

Attach the metal wand by wire to the sensing plate of the 287.
Attach a ground wire to the ground connection of the 287.
Set the meter to "balance" and zero.
Begin the walking tests
Record the peak voltages during a series of "walks" and "scuffs" required by the ESD STM 97.2 or AATCC 134 tests.
Input the data

Since the Monroe 287 has a maximum voltage range of about 1,200 Volts it is best used for ESD protective floors and footwear. The non-ESD protective floors tested under AATCC 134 may have personnel voltages as high as several thousand volts and are outside the range of the 287.

We believe this use of the Monroe 287 will save much time for ESD professionals. Try it. You’ll like it!
click here to view the 287 data sheet






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