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by Constance Harness

ELECTROSTATIC has a new meaning since this California band has taken a name usually associated with the unpleasant jolt of electricity that accompanies the touch of almost anything on a dry winter day.

They have nothing to do with the science of static electricity and everything to do with dance music. They are an unsigned underground electronic/dance band in the Los Angeles, California area. They call themselves ELECTROSTATIC because the electronic sound is the main ingredient of their music - not the guitar. It is something you would more likely hear on a dance floor and not in a rock club.

Mike Thibeau on bass, keyboards and programming. Rob Gardner on drums and programming. Kaoru singer/songwriter. These three team up to produce a truly unique, high energy live show. You can learn more about them from their web site at .

But enough of this diversion. Back to electrostatics the science, not the dance band.





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