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New Static Friendship Bracelet
keeps the shocks away

July 1, 2010
Steve Fowler Fowler Associates, Inc.

Has this ever happened to you? .......Shocks in the grocery store?.......malls?......Getting out of a car?......Using a treadmill?......


See our articles on Grocery Shopping static and Treadmill Static


One solution for all these type problems which has had some very good success is the use of conductive threads in a bracelet form much like a "Friendship Bracelet". This bracelet's fine conductive threads perform what is called Corona Ionization. Corona ionization causes ions to flow from the charged person to ground (treadmill, grocery cart, grocery racks, car body etc.) and discharge the person so gently that they do not know it is happening.

These threads have very small points which allow ions to flow freely as soon as the person reaches a high potential from the triboelectric charging from the treadmill.


The following video shows how the bracelet works by Passive Corona Ionization. Notice the Van De Graff generator charges and arcs repeatedly until the bracelet is held close to it. The arcs cease during the time the bracelet is near the dome. This is because it is drawing ions from the Van de Graff by corona ionization unfelt by the wearer. It seems like magic but in fact it is real physics.

Van de Graff and Static Friendship Bracelet
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The bracelet can be fabricated using Static String** or any highly conductive threads.

Anyone can make such a bracelet if they have highly conductive string such as from Static Stop

To place an order for a bracelet, please contact Anti Static Bracelets & Accessories @


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