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Cell Phone Explosions

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UPDATE: Confession made in "exploding cell phone" of Korean man

November 19, 2005: Battery explosion injures student- 19-year-old college student receives severe burns when her cell phone battery exploded.

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May 13, 2005: Feds warn of cell phone battery hazards

February 8, 2005: Cell phone explodes in jacket pocket

November 23, 2004: Exploding cell phones prompt recalls

September 20, 2004: Fake batteries blow up in the industrie's face

July 5 ,2004: Teen burned when cell phone catches fire- California teen suffered second-degree burns

January 15, 2004: More cell phone batteries explodes in Vietnam

December 22, 2003: Mobile battery problems explodes- Experts ponder alternatives to batteries that have caused fire in notebooks, cell phones.

November 3, 2003: A third Nokia phone explosion seems to confirm the cheap battery explanation

October 8 , 2003: Report: Cell phone explodes in trousers


Cell phone Hazards- cell phones are convenient but they have some serious drawbacks

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