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Relieve Your "Tension" With Static Safe Mattress Covers

new frontiers for ESD Control

by: Steve Fowler
July 19, 2002

Most electrical engineers use the word "tension" to describe an electrical characteristic. The word also means stress - oops, we use that too. Webster says it is: "a mental or nervous strain." A company in Europe is now using static protective materials similar to those used in the ESD industry to make mattress covers and ticking. They have scientific tests which say that a person sleeping on an mattress cover made from ESD fabric will allow that person to get more restful sleep than on plain ole covers. So maybe our "tension" can be electrically relieved. You decide:

The company, Intense, says:
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The human body - constantly under tension

The human body is one big electric field, continually recharging its electrons through contacting or rubbing against other materials. Discharge comes into play when one element moves away from the other. The discharge is usually earthed straight away, but can also occur through ionisation discharge through the air.

Just think of the crackling and sparks that appear when you slip off your sweater in the dark. This phenomenon is called the corona. The more electrons there are, the bigger the charge, and the human body can store up to 30,000 volts! Not surprisingly, these high voltages have a negative effect on our sleep. We feel nervous, agitated we are literally experiencing a feeling of tension. So it is important for the body to get rid of this tension and drop to the lowest possible voltage. And that is exactly how Intense works.

Maybe this explains why ESD workers are so rested after a day at work wearing static protective garments.


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