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ESD Journal Seal of Approval
Awarded to

Milliken & Co.
for its KEX


Anti Fatigue & Static Protective Mat
The ESD Journal is pleased to announce the awarding of its 1st "Seal of Approval" to the KEX Volta anti-fatigue/ Static Protective mat.
The Volta mat is unique in its design with a conductive surface over a non conductive antifatigue foam base. This allows the mat to be used with a grounding cord and control the resistance to ground regardless of the floor material on which it is used.
The Volta mats provide an effective toll for keeping personnel voltages at a minimum. They are most effective when used in conjunction with grounding footwear. For details of the electrical tests contact Amy Streeton at Milliken.
For information on the Kex series of mats contact Amy Streeton

















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