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Fowler Associates Labs



Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News
Company Profile
By: Constance Harness

Hot rods, vintage soda machines, popcorn machines, and Wurlitzers are some of Charles de Heras’ interests. In fact, one of his Wurlitzers was made famous on the Happy Days’ television series – the one The Fonz always hit.

However, Mr. de Heras’ chief interest is in the manufacture of E.S.D. and environmental protective systems through his present company, SECO. He chose the name seco because in Spanish this means dry, emphasizing drier packaging than the soupy pink poly products.

Charles de Heras started out in his father’s company, Armand Manufacturing. In 1982, he left Armand and he and his wife began SECO in their garage. After separation from his wife, she started a company named Liberty Packaging, employing 30-50 employees. These three E.S.D. companies have been established by the de Heras family and are still in operation.

SECO grew from a borrowed 800 sq ft warehouse in Glendale, CA, to its present 600,000 sq ft location in Montebello, CA, employing approximately 100-200 people, depending on production needs. Distributors are located coast to coast; and sales and service are provided to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Hughes, IBM, Motorola, McDonnell Douglas, and Baxter - to name a few – believe in SECO products and systems. In fact, SECO had a boost in the early days by supplying Hewlett-Packard their specialty cushion pouches; and this foundation with HP accounts for up to 40% of E.S.D. business.

E.S.D. now accounts for 80% of the total business since Charles bought Gramatech three years ago to diversify into the area of vacuum packaging. Charles met Jerry Dumas his Vice President sixteen years ago when Jerry was manufacturing VCR covers. Jerry now runs operations at SECO and Gramatech.

SECO is a full-service company providing a wide variety of stock and custom ESD/Poly/Anti-Static and Barrier packaging materials specializing in custom multi-layer pouches and transporters for electronic, medical, and food service applications as well stainless steel vacuum packaging and sealing equipment.

In the MATERIAL DIVISION, a variety of packaging products is manufactured to meet every need: Single Layer Bags. Clear Moisture Barrier Bags. Foil Moisture Barrier Bags. Cushion Pouches. Binders, Sheet Protectors, Shop Travelers. Shrink and Stretch Films. Square Bottom Covers and Gusset Bags. Adhesive Envelopes and Labels. Vinyl Badge and Card Holders.

Three-Layered Pouch: Secovac 132, Safecell, and Secovac 132. Construction can reduce a 5,000-Volt charge to fewer than 500 Volts in less than one second. Cushioning Absorbs Shock and Vibration.

The EQUIPMENT DIVISION acquired in 1997 (Gramatech), manufactures state-of-the-art Stainless Steel Vacuum Packaging and Sealing Equipment suitable for Medical, Electronic, Cleanroom, and Food Service Sealing needs. We also carry a full line of Hand and Foot Sealers, Heat Shrink Systems and Parts.

NITROVAC. SECO / Gramatech's NITROVAC is the ultimate machine for vacuum packaging fresh roasted whole bean and ground coffee. It's also well suited to the demanding environment of industrial food packaging. If you're ready for the ultimate Vacuum Packaging Machine check out the NITROVAC!

The CLEAN ROOM. SECO Industries maintains certified Class 10, Class 100, and Class 1000 Clean Rooms within a freestanding, rigid, double-walled building located inside our main building.



Visit Seco’s web site at and see the full line of packaging materials, sealing equipment, and clean room facilities.

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