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ElectroStatics's Model IT-7100

From News Release

ElectroStatics Inc., Harleysville, Pa introduces a new technologically advanced Model IT-7100 Table Top Ionizing Transport System

The Model IT-7100 is a self contained, compact table top ionizer capable of producing copious amounts of both positive and negative ions. As opposed to AC, the advanced DC technology produces approximately three times the amount of ions which in turn decays the static charge more rapidly.

The variable speed air system permits a gentle flow of balanced ions that are effective at a distance of six feet. A charged object, when passed through the ionization field, becomes neutralized instantaneously. The model IT-7100 transport system has a fail safe balance indicator to assure proper ionization output.

Conforming to the EOS/ESD Standard S3.1-1991, the Ion Transport System Model IT-7100 has an offset voltage of greater than 5 volts and a decay rate from 100 volts to 100 volts in .8 seconds.

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