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Monroe Introduces Several New Products

Product One: Model 284 Nanocoulombmeter
Monroe Electronics, Inc. introduces the Model 284 Nanocoulombmeter. This instrument offers the ability to measure charge directly on materials. The material is either dropped into the optional Faraday Cup where the charge is transferred to the cup and then measured by the meter, or the operator can use a scope probe to take charge measurements on smaller objects outside the Faraday Cup. The Model 284 is the only battery-powered nanocoulombmeter to offer two ranges: 200nC and 20nC. Optional ranges of 2000nC and 2nC are also available.

Product Two: The Redesigned Model 264A Pocket Resistivity/Resistance Meter.
This affordable, pocket-sized meter uses the ASTM parallel bar technique for measuring material resistivity. In the resistance to ground mode current flows from ground through the resistive material to the measurement electrode. The improved version has had its range extended by two decades and now measures 105 to 1012  ohms or ohms/sq, which is read on the LED display. The improved features and low cost of the Model 264A will make this device an invaluable tool that will fit everyone's budget. Its also comes with Monroe Electronics' exclusive two-year warranty.

The Model 289 Static Locator
The 289 Static Locator provides for non-contacting measurement of static on packaging materials, work areas, circuit assemblies and webs. This inexpensive handheld fieldmeter with an easy to read high-speed 16 segment bargraph and range of +/- 10kV is ideal for static surveys. Increased range can be achieved at greater distances. The Model 289 offers exceptional performance in our lowest priced fieldmeter yet. All this with Monroe Electronics' quality and our exclusive two-year Warranty.

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