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Nevamar Static Dissipative Laminatestm Provide Ideal Work Surfaces
in a Wider Range of RH Conditions

Reno, Nevada, October 5, 1998--

Nevamar Static Dissipativetm provide durable work surfaces that are ideally suited for electronically sensitive applications carried out n a wide range of relative humidity conditions. These applications include component fabrication, assembly, testing, maintenance and field service, as well as cleanroom environments.

Static Dissipative Laminates from Nevamar provide a controlled path to ground for the dissipation of static electricity to protect sensitive parts. A uniform resistance to ground is maintained from any point on the surface. Typical values range from 106 to 109 ohms measured a 100 volts. Moreover, these laminates are designed to perform equally well in wider range of relative humidity conditions-from 10% RH to 60% RH.

Static Dissipative Laminates are available in a variety of colors, including beige, almond, white, gray, and blue. All incorporate Nevamar's exclusive ARmored Protectiontm Surface which reduces shedding to 1/10th that of conventional laminates.  Made of an extremely hard protective layer  including a micro-thin application of aluminum oxide, ARP Surface provides long-term resistance to surface abrasion and extends laminate life by maintaining its surface texture-- up to three times longer than the NEMA wear value of standard laminates. In addition to withstanding the debilitating effects of many common chemicals, they are extremely resistant to heat, hot solder, and solder flux.

All Static Dissipative Laminate Sheets from Nevamar are post-formable for rounded applications.  They are available in a variety of sizes, designed for permanent lamination to work station furniture surfaces. Or, choose heavy-duty Static Dissipative Mats for use in existing work stations without the need to replace furniture or tops.

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