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Fowler Associates Labs



Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News
Pacur's Static Dissipative Pacur PD and Pacur DTC Polyester products

Permanently Dissipative PACURtm  6763-PD Copolyester Sheet

Permanently Dissipative PACURtm 6763-PD Copolyester si designed for the demanding disk drive and electronics packaging applications. The sheet is extruded from Eastman Chemical's Eastar® PETG 6763 co polyester resin and located in-house with the proprietary electrostatic dissipative polymeric coating forming a clear, tough, chlorine/chloride free, permanently ESD safe packaging material. This clear product is unique because it is designed to withstand repeated cleanings wit water/detergent and up to 20%/80% IPA/Water blends typically used in cleanroom cleaning applications.

  • Features

         -Proprietary Permanent Polymeric Coating

         -105 to106 Surface Resistance

         -Humidity Independent

          -High Clarity / Barcode Readability


        -No Metal Fillers or Fibers

  • Benefits

          -Washable, Reusable, and Not pH Sensitive

         -Controlled Elimation of Static Charges

         -Works in All Humidity Environments

         -Parts can be Identified Safely Inside Package                   

        -No Particle Sloughing or Crayoning Effect &

        -Uniform Dissipation and Lower Package Weights -Does Not Contribute to Ionic or Outgassing        



Topically Coated PACURtm 6763-DTC Copolyester Sheet

Topically Coated PACURtm 6763-DTC Copolyester is designed for use in cost effective ESD safe packaging and "one way" shipping applications.  The sheet is extruded from Eastman Chemical Company's Eastar® 6763 PETG Copolyester resin and coated in-house with the proprietary electrostatic dissipative treatment forming a clear, tough, chlorine/chloride free, ESD safe packaging material.  Typical applications include protective packaging clamshells for electronic and telecommunication components and products that are ESD sensitive.

  • Features                            

         -109 to 1011 Surface Resistivity                                                                                            

         -Not Humidity Dependent                                                                                                            

         -High Clarity                                                                                                                            

         -Low Solvent Content                                                                                                            

        -No Chlorides or Free Amines                                                                                              

        -Copolyester Based

  • Benefits

         -Controlled Elimination of Static Charges

         -Works in Low Humidity Environments 

         -Parts and Bar Codes Are Visible/Readable Through Packaging

         -Low Outgassing -No Corrosion or Chloride contamination

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