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Global Kitting Systems' Partfolios


The Partfoliotm is pre-kitted either by the manufacturer or the distributor. Kits are safely moved, fully loaded, from the storage area. The closed units are transported by hand, or on a conveyor belt or trolley, to the work area and set up in only seconds in a minimum amount of space. They are ideal for a JIT delivery system. The Partfoliostm are either hung from a cup rail (smaller model only), placed directly on the work surface, or set on a turntable. Stored parts are secure at all times.

Each Partfoilotm consists of ten trays attached to four panels, which interleave closely when the unit is closed. Each tray can be subdivided into up to five compartments, making, at maximum, a fifty bin fully integrated system.

The Partfoilotm dividers fit trays tightly, and prevent accidental parts migration between compartments. "Static events" are minimized, since only the component actually inserted into a board needs to be touched, Unused parts, still kitted and shielded, are now returned to storage.
Partfoliostm and the turntables are made from conductive and anti-static materials, thus providing shielding when closed and static protection while open during assembly. The unique Partfoilotm design is very cost effective, providing static protection at all times, secure storage, ease of access, and fast setup at the work station.  

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