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Kalman Saffaran Associates, Inc.'s QLM

Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc. (KSA) announced the availability of their new QLMtm, an innovative process for companies looking to reduce product time-to-market in a highly competitive marketplace. Using QLM, KSA guarantees that companies will reduce their product development cycles by at least one-third.

KSA's QLM combines a comprehensive set of processes, techniques, tools and templates together with a knowledge base to produce optimal results for companies in a broad set of industries.

"KSA will decrease a company's time-to-market by one-third, possibly more," said Kalman Saffran, President of Kalman Saffran Associates, Inc. "Our highly experienced engineers will recommend solutions based on years of developing products for the telecommunications and data communications industries, and them put those recommendations to use by applying our finely-tuned methodology."

Statistics show that the first company to market a product gains a 50% share, the second a 25% share, the third a 12.5% share, and the rest divide the remaining 12.5%. The product time-to-market interval begins from the time a product is conceived until it is  ready for use of sale, and the components of this lifecycle ty in today's high technology communications market, and KSA uses its world class applied to any industry's product development. A Fortune 100 company would be able to see an impact in about one month; a Fortune 500 company, three or four months.

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