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  Incident Title  
  Man in Guarded Condition After Being Engulfed in Flames While Pumping Gasoline    
  Location Date of Incident
  Charleston, WV, United States 11/29/2000
  CSB Incident Number NRC Report Number Board Ref. Number
  2000-5032 None Reported None Reported
  Current Status Date of Report Update
  No CSB Action 12/1/2000 - 10:10 AM
  Incident Types Location Types
  - Fire Fixed Facility
  Evacuations Injuries Fatalities
  None Reported 1 None
  Chemicals Involved
  - Gasoline
  Description or Latest Development
Information Added: Friday, December 1, 2000 - 10:15 AM
Christopher Mooney of Montgomery was transferred to the burn unit at Western Pennsylvania Hospital after he was injured Wednesday night (12/29/2000) while pumping gasoline at an Exxon station in Charleston.

On Friday (12/1/00) Mooney was listed in guarded condition.

Fire investigators at the scene of the incident yesterday were unsure what sparked the fire.

"There's a lot of things that can cause that gas to ignite," said David Erwin of the Charleston Fire Department.  "Something as simple as static electricity can build up and something as simple as laying a hand on your car can cause a discharge."

Erwin said the fire also could have been sparked by a cigarette or a cell phone.

"If you're standing talking on the cell phone at the same time you're filling up your tank, you're creating an inherent problem with gas vapors," he said.

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  • 12/01/2000 0148EST 

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