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  Fuel Delivery Tanker Explodes in Refinery Loading Dock Causing $500,000 Damage     
  Location Date of Incident
  North Salt Lake City, UT, United States 3/17/2000
  CSB Incident Number NRC Report Number Board Ref. Number
  2000-4736 None Reported None Reported
  Current Status Date of Report Update
  No CSB Action 3/20/2000 - 3:27 PM
  Incident Types Location Types
  - Explosion
- Fire
Fixed Facility, In Transit (Highway)
  Evacuations Injuries Fatalities
  Yes - Number Unknown None None
  Chemicals Involved
  - Gasoline
  Description or Latest Development
Information Added: Monday, March 20, 2000 - 3:35 PM
The fire started as an employee was checking equipment while the tank truck was being filled at a loading dock at the Flying J Inc. Refinery a few miles from downtown Salt Lake City, according to refinery operations manager John Progress.

Progress said the man emptied surplus gas from fuel hoses into a steel bucket, which apparently built up static electricity and burst into flames.  The man threw the bucket away from his body, and it sparked an explosion.

Refinery offices were evacuated and the underground pipes moving petroleum products were shut off.

Firefighters took nearly an hour to douse the flames, and the thick black smoke was easily visible from miles away.  Nearby fuel storage tanks were blistered by the heat, but none exploded.

Refinery president Phil Adams said the fire was limited to the loading area and wasn't expected to disrupt operations.  The refinery made plans to have gas loaded elsewhere starting Saturday as cleanup and an investigation continued.

Adams said this fire was less serious than some previous accidents at the refinery, including a 1994 incident in which one worker died.

"When you're dealing with flammable products, there's always a potential for an accident," Adams said.  "What's really important is that nobody got hurt."

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