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These Articles are a mixture of ESD subjects:

Buying and Selling Static Control- 1990: by Randy Ford. "Procuring static-control products can be a little less confusing if you know "who's on first."

Evaluating ESD Smocks- 1992: Gary L. Johnson, Dan D. Steffe. "An effective smock depends not only on the fabric used to make it, but also on how the smock is designed and cleaned."

What does it Mean to Certify?- 1990: by Greg Bosch. "Often in the ESD packaging business, we are asked to "certify" to a customer's specification. This requirement that a manufacturer's product meet a user's specification is typical in the electronics industry. If fact, as manufacturer's of ESD packaging, we often require certification from our own vendors."

ESD For Managers- 1988: by Glenn William Bodison. "Putting an ESD program on a manager's action list makes his or her life easier."

Developing ESD-Immune Electronic Systems- 1993: by Michael J. Smith. "Here is how two different systems were affected by ESD and how they were designed to be ESD-immune."

Going Beyond Surface Resistivity- 1990: by Stephen Fowler. "Depending on the material, surface resistivity may be a misleading indicator of static-control capabilities."

From MIL-P-81705 (AS) to MIL-B-81705C- 1989: by Charles R. Hynes. " Over the past twenty years, MIL-P-81705 has helped shape static-control products and methodologies. Here's how this key military specification has grown and changed with time."

Part II: From MIL-P-81705 (AS) to MIL-B-81705C- 1990: by Charles R. Hynes. "Over the past twenty years, MIL-B-81705 has helped shape static-control products and methods. Here's part two of the story of how this key military specification was itself shaped and grew."

The ESD Threat to PCB-Mounted ICs- 1991 by: Warren Boxleitner. "Charged boards and personnel can create serious ESD problems for ICs mounted on printed circuit boards."

Clean Corona Ionization- 1992 by: Kenneth D. Murray and Vaughn P. Gross answer the question "Can clean ionization be achieved by using air or nitrogen to minimize particle buildup on emitter points?"

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