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Each of the Following Articles discusses Testing or Measuring in the ESD Field:


Evaluating Semi-Rigid Plastic Trays- 1992: by A.E. Warnecke and Cecil W. Deish. "Developing a test method that evaluates ESD protection."

Charge Versus Voltage Measurements- 1987: by Reter R. Bossard, Ph.D. " When to use which."

Qualifying ICs with Charged-Device Model Testers- 1991 by: Peter Richman. "CDM testing is becoming increasingly important, but care must be taken in selecting the most appropriate test method."

Should Testing be Done Beyond the Lab?- 1987: by Donald Ford. "Four ESD control veterans share some thoughts on setting up and running a test program."

Measure Resistance Instead, Part 1- 1989: by Ben Baumgartner. "Resistivity and decay measurements can mislead users about the suitability of ESD-protective materials. Here's some insight into this problem, as well as a method that gets around it."

Measure Resistance Instead: Part II- 1989: by Ben Baumgartner. "Resistivity and decay measurements can not only be misleading, but can also be sometimes confused by misunderstanding and misused terminology. The simple, unambiguous test described here can provide much more reliable materials characterizations."

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