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Packaging For The 21st Century

by Steve Fowler, Fowler Associates, Inc.

Now Downloadable - Click on the chapter to dowload the Word 97 documents

This paper is vertually unchanged from the version presented last century. It is being revised now that it is in a downloadable form. Check back here next month for the new and revised paper. It will include "clamshell" packages and more on "air-gap shielding."

Abstract : Packaging of electronic products for shipment has developed rapidly over the past 30 years. Antistatic and other useful protective functions of the packages have progressed to a high technological state. This paper reviews that progress, describes present technologies and forecasts future trends. Antistatic technologies for loadings and coatings are covered both from a chemical as well as a practical point of view. Antistatic, dissipative, electrostatic and rf shielding properties are discussed. In this paper information is presented on new shrink film technologies which are just emerging. Automated packaging techniques as well as advances in moisture barrier packaging are discussed . Using air gaps as a method of electrostatic shielding has been around for a long time. New advances in thermoform and inflatable packages are covered.

Introduction & Standards

Chemistry of Dissipative Plastics

Surface Resistivity and Static Decay


New Packaging Systems & Moisture Packaging




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