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Static Fire Stories Articles & Technical Papers Current News


Direct Industry
Virtual Industrial Exhibition Web Site

ESD Community Basic Facts and Information

"Static Electricity Page"

BECA- British Electrostatic Control Association: BECA is an association of suppliers or manufacturers of equipment, materials and services for the UK electronic control industry

MIT- Static & Electromagnetic Videos

Dr. Marcus Zahn - MIT- Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

ESD Consultancy Board Opens in Malyasia

SMT in FOCUS - The Web Portal For Surface Mount Technology Engineers

Static Misconceptions- by William J. Beaty

Silicon Valley EOS/ESD Society

Journal of Electrostatics/Elsevier

NASA Tech Briefs

Static Electrification Group - Institute of Physics

Institute of Electrostatics Japan

Learning about Light Energy- The Electromagnetic Sectrum- from Delmar Designs

Electricity- from the African American Environmentalist Association

Explosive Surgery? - The operating room is filled with fuel and ignition sources. What is being done to prevent fires in the operating room? Check out this page that is filled with links to valuable information.

Introducing--- Science and Engineering Encyclopedia- from

ESD Questions Answered - Reader Feedback on Physical Science- Static Electricity Shocks

A Short History of Electrostatics - Check out this site for history facts and science experiments

Electrostatic Applications

Jeremy Smallwood's Static Electricity Page

Exploratorium Posts Lightning Page

School for Champions Pots Static Course Page

"Medical Herbalist" Dr. Richard Schulze explains "Getting Rid of Static Electricity."

Electrostatics Society of America

The ESD Association

Fun & Interesting Sites

All Charged Up! Part I, Electricity-CoolStuff newsletter published by Arbor Scientific- Teaching Tips Lesson Plans & Demo Ideas.

New Teenage African American Super Hero -"Static Shock"

Great Sites for ESD and Ben Franklin

Bizarre Electrical Phenomenon


RF Cafe- neat site for rf engineers

Read Jack Cashill's articles on concerning Flight 800

The Longest Burning Light Bulb

Darwin Awards - Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.


Need Lightning Info - visit the LPI

Links to Ball Lightning

Keep yourself safe from Lightning Strikes -This site gives helpful and safe advice.

New Products & Developments

Electrostatic Machines from Rio

Nikola Tesla Page, tesla coils

John Chubb Instrumentation

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